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I can’t come to your address at short notice. You need to make a reservation of your transfer or a tour with me timely. But first, contact me to ask for the price. I can drive at any time of day or night, but keep in mind that I can’t always quickly respond to calls and messages. Especially because I don’t use my phone when I am driving my clients. But I will reply the fastest I can. You can expect my best offer shown without any hidden costs.

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I can drive you at any time.

Belgrade, Serbia

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Ellenoortje Heiloo, Netherlands




For our holidays we are always looking for a private tour guide that gives you that special feeling. Dusan is the kind of person that makes you feel like your on your own family/friends trip without the hassle of driving in a foreign country, trying to find your way to different locations. We made 2 different day trips with more on TripAdvisor
Asutosh Kurpad, Dubai


We went to our tour of Mokra Gora with Nicholas from Dushan's team. Nicholas was extremely professional, friendly, approachable, and had answers to all our questions on sightseeing. Dushan himself was very prompt and reliable and explained to us the tour details clearly. The car was also well maintained and we enjoyed our drive.
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You can check more of my reviews on GMB and TripAdvisor. My listing is named as a Taxi Online Belgrade and it is 3rd top-rated taxi & limo listing in Belgrade.