Wondering which are the best ski slopes for beginners on Kopaonik,  Serbia?

If you have already skied on Kopaonik, then you are already well informed about most of the ski trails.

However, if you are a beginner who is going to Kopaonik for the first time, this text may be useful to you. I am also a beginner when it comes to skiing so I think that is why this choice of my ski trail is relevant for learners.

For total beginners without any skiing experience, it is more crucial to choose a good ski instructor. But if you are able to ski without supervision, read which are the best ski trails for beginners on Kopaonik.

These trails are marked as blue trails. I sorted them by length from longest to shortest.




Bela Reka (White River) 1

Bela Reka 1 is the longest of all blue trails on Kopaonik. It is 1666 meters long and the height difference is 300 meters. Think carefully about whether about 11 minutes of skiing is enough to go downhill too much for you as a beginner.

This trail is a good choice if you are staying in Brzeće. You can continue with the two-seater cable car to the top of the Bela Reka 2 trail, which is located above 1860 m above sea level, but it is already solidly heavier. The problem with Bela Reka 1 is that it is located at a relatively low altitude of 1100 meters, so the snow cover melts sooner than on higher trails.





Karaman Greben

Karaman Greben is the second-longest with its 1225m length, but with a height difference of only 165 meters, it has a very slight descent. That is why 5 minutes of descent is a pleasure for every beginner.

The six-seater cable car leads to the tourist center itself, which is the main drawback of the trail. Since it is the main cable car in the center, be prepared for big crowds and waiting in line for the cable car.

The peak is at 1904 meters above sea level and from it, you can cross to several other trails.




Mali Karaman

The top of the trail is at an altitude of 1987m. You can reach the top by ski lift (plate) or four-seater cable car. You can ski on both sides of the cable car. You will ski the length of 1082 meters and the height difference of 193 meters in about 7 minutes. However, the top of Mali Karaman is the center of all cable cars, so there are big crowds here as well, especially in the peak season.





Marine Vode (Marina’s Water)

A very nice trail for beginners on the east side, starting from the top of Vučak (1935 m above sea level). It is 909 meters long, and the height difference is 187 meters. On average, we beginners need about 5 minutes of skiing to descend through Marina Voda. A warm recommendation.



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Karaman also descends from the top of Vučak (1935m) but to the north. It leads to the Jaram pass, which often has enormous debris, so I don’t recommend it when the wind is a little stronger. It is 857 meters long ski slope. The height difference is 140 meters. The descent takes less than 5 minutes on average. The ski lift is of the plate type. It is suitable for slightly more advanced beginners.





Kneževske Bare

Kneževske Bare is a ski trail located on the east side of Kopaonik. It is 836 meters long. The height difference is 149 meters. As with Karaman, you will also descend in less than 5 minutes and the ski lift is plate-type. I recommend this trail in the afternoon because it is the sunny side at that time.





Sunčana Dolina (Sunny Valley)

Sunny Valley is my favorite beginner’s trail at Kopa. It is 993 meters long, but due to the slight slope and the height difference of 191 meters, it takes me 8 minutes to descend. It’s wide enough, so it’s usually not a big crowd. The sun shines on most of the afternoon.





Krst (Cross)

From the same cable car that leads to the top of the Sunčana Dolina trail, you come to the beginning of the Krst trail. A lot of ski instructors do ski training on this trail. The height difference is 171 meters, so for only 671 meters in length, it takes as much as 7 minutes to descend. If you are a slightly more advanced beginner, this inclination may still be too mild for you.






If it can be said that you have learned to ski at all, Jaram is not for you. But it is ideal for parents who teach their children to ski on their own. It descends 598 meters from the top of Gobelja to the Srebrenac Hotel. The height difference is 67 meters. The descent takes a full 3 minutes. But of course, even 3 minutes of skiing seems long for someone who is just learning to ski.





Malo Jezero (Litlle Lake)

An easy path is only 450 meters long. The great thing is that it is lightened and tucked away and protected from the winds. I know how I felt while learning to ski, and the weather conditions did not go my way. Here you can learn to ski both in the dark and in bad weather. And when you go down in less than 3 minutes, you have learned to ski.







The Mashinac is 300 meters long or, better said, a short trail on which many of us made our first ski steps and, of course, falls. I can recommend this slope only for first-time skiing.




Maps of Ski slopes at Kopaonik

Mapa ski staza na Kopaoniku

Image Source: Skijališta Srbije






I hope that this text will make it easier for beginners who go skiing on Kopaonik for the first time to choose the trail that suits them best. Of course, an important factor is where your accommodation is located.

Enjoy good skiing, and if you need a transfer to Kopaonik, I am at your disposal.